mementos - for solo glockenspiel (E-copy)

mementos - for solo glockenspiel (E-copy)


*A single, licensed .pdf of the piece will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.


Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced

Duration: 8 movements, 9:00

Notes from the score:  I read A LOT in my college days (books, yes books), something I am constantly trying to get back into despite the many medias being thrown at and distracting us on a minute-by-minute basis. The eight movements of mementos are my aural realization of a subconscious full of the disturbing, hilarious, darkened, and painfully beautiful words found in Chuck Palahniuk’s literary works: many of which I read during my time in graduate school at LSU.

mementos was written for and is dedicated to my dear friend, Jude Traxler. 

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