TRiBE - for 10+ percussionists (available for purchase from third-party)

TRiBE - for 10+ percussionists (available for purchase from third-party)


TRiBE is AVAILABLE HERE from publisher Tapspace Publications.


Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 7:30

Notes from the score: TRiBE is a work for ten percussionists in four connected  movements. It evokes imagery from a first-person perspective of various stages of “ceremony.” Several devices are used to suggest an individual’s journey: The drum setup onstage forms a literal “i” while players spread throughout the performance hall give each audience member an individual experience; and the singular/individual tone B-flat appears throughout to create an aggressive tension within the harmonic language while ultimately being the point of resolution in the work’s final moments.

TRiBE was commissioned by Paul Murr and the Lancaster Catholic High School Percussion Ensemble in celebration of  their acceptance and performance at the 2018 Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) Annual In-Service Conference.

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(photo credit: claudia gabriela marques vieira)