Unhinged (in progress) - for multiple percussion solo and tape. Commissioned by Eddie Dunlap.

Five Nocturnes for Solo Percussionist (in progress) - one solo each for snare drum, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, and ceramic flower pots.

Hydra (2018) - for percussion octet. Commissioned by the Walsh Middle School Percussion Ensemble (Round Rock, TX), directed by Chris Fauries, in celebration of their acceptance and upcoming performance at the 2018 Percussive Arts Society International Convention. Check out the Tapspace link HERE.

Beacons of Light (2018) - for large percussion ensemble and piano.  Commissioned by the Hampton High School Percussion Ensemble (PA) in memory of Ryan McCutcheon. SoundCloud link HERE.

TRiBE (2017) - for on stage percussion octet and 2+ hall or off-stage percussion. Commissioned by the Lancaster Catholic Percussion Ensemble (PA), directed by Paul Murr. Check out the Tapspace link HERE.

Auroras (2017) - for solo glockenspiel and optional atmospheric audio tracks. Commissioned by Austin Schmidt. Check out the C. Alan Publications link HERE.

Chemical Songs (2017) - eight solos for marimba, vibraphone, or xylophone with optional audio tracks. Check out the Tapspace link HERE.

Coming of Age (2017) - for intermediate-level marimba soloist and percussion quartet. Commissioned by the North Allegheny Percussion Ensemble (PA), directed by Evan Brown. Check out the Tapspace link HERE.

Canon Fodder (2017) - for percussion quartet. Dedicated to Hamirge-the LSU Percussion Group, directed by Brett Dietz. Available for purchase HERE.

Elements (2017) - suite for four hands on one marimba with optional atmospheric audio tracks. Check out the Tapspace link HERE.

Quadruple (2017) - for percussion quartet (composed with Brett Dietz, Joe Moore, and Jude Traxler). SoundCloud link HERE.

Panthera Pardus (2017) - for young percussion ensemble (10+). Commissioned by the Belle Vernon Middle School Percussion Ensemble (PA), directed by Mark Surovchak. Check out the Tapspace link HERE.

Bad Juju (2016)for percussion octet. Check out the Tapspace link HERE.

mementos (2016) - for solo glockenspiel. Available for purchase HERE.

Triton (2015) - for percussion quartet. Commissioned by the United High School Percussion Ensemble (PA), directed by Ben Saylor.

Undisclosed (2009) - for percussion ensemble (9). Check out the Tapspace link HERE.

recharge (2007) - for percussion sextet

Seductions (2006) - for alto flute, cello, and marimba. Written for the Vox Trio (Lindsey Goodman, Victoria Bass, Lisa Pegher).  Available for purchase HERE.

nightmare box (2005) - for solo vibraphone

.amp (2005) - for solo snare drum

kettle (2005) - for chamber ensemble: flute, violin, Bb clarinet, soprano sax, marimba, percussion